About Us

In the time since we began in January, 2010, we have already seen some pretty remarkable changes in our company, in healthcare, and in what potential services are in the future for us. When I began the company, it was my primary vision to relieve some of the stress and anxiety I had seen so many office managers experience in their daily lives.  I have watched many office managers struggle with keeping the claims filed, the bills paid, the office staffed, and knowing there are not nearly enough hours in the day or resources available to accomplish it.

I also saw that those needs varied by clinic.  Some offices are well-equipped as far as computer and IT services but desperately need help negotiating the contract that’s been on their desk for two months. Others can handle the contracting, but cannot keep up with the claims follow-up, or just need assistance with a project once in a while.  What began as a simple company grew quite rapidly into a fix for multiple situations in many offices. I’m very proud of our ability to do that, and I’m excited about what we will be able to offer in the future.

Our name, Complete Provider Resource (CPR) was meant to help you feel that you were being rescued.  The circles in our logo denote the connection of various entities, from providers to payers, to members.  We have recently added legal services to our family of practice assistance, recognizing that small law firms have the same billing, account support, and other  administrative needs that many medical practices experience.    We bring over 40 combined years of healthcare and administrative experience, allowing us to bring a full-focus approach to your individual situation.  Give us a call and see how we can breathe new life into your practice.

We look forward to helping you.

Shirley A. Walker

Let us breathe new life into your practice.

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Little Rock, AR  72205
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